Seacom connecting Zimbabwe

7 Jul 2011

Undersea cable network operator Seacom has agreed to connect landlocked Zimbabwe to its submarine fibre-optic capacity through Mozambique, following an agreement with Telecomunicacoes de Mocambique (TDM) to allow its fibre network to be used to link Zimbabwe to the Seacom cable running along the east coast of Africa. The go-ahead to connect Zimbabwe comes less than a month after Seacom announced that it was rolling out its capacity to Southern Sudan as well as Somalia and Burundi, writes Computerworld Zambia. Although Zimbabwe is already connected to the East Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSy) cable, the country is seeking additional capacity from other cables. Seacom CEO Brian Herlihy said the agreement between Seacom and TDM shows Seacom’s commitment to partner with established players to improve the range of service to customers whilst continuously expanding the reach of Seacom’s low-cost services into landlocked countries across the region. The deal with TDM also gives Seacom another route to link other countries in the region including South Africa and landlocked Malawi. Last year, the Zimbabwean government contracted a USD45 million loan from China’s Import & Export Bank for among other things, connection to undersea cables via Mozambique.

Zimbabwe, Mocambique Telecom (TMCEL, formerly TDM, mCel)