Chile to speed up legislation for mast construction

4 Jul 2011

Chile’s Minister for Transport and Telecommunications, Pedro Pablo Errazuriz has supported the government’s decision to accelerate the approval process for a bill that will plug gaps in the current legislation for wireless mast construction. At the moment, masts can be constructed on any piece of private property without the consent of city or district authorities or neighbouring properties, regardless of the proximity of other masts. The bill will introduce measures to force colocation and enforce a new authorisation process, via municipalities. Towers larger than 12 metres will also require compensation to the community. In a press release from the national watchdog Sub-Secretaria de Telecomunicaciones (Subtel), the minister said the bill was urgent, as the ministry is currently unable to curb the ‘indiscriminate installation of antennas’.

According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, Chile has 22.06 million mobile users and four wireless operators; Telefonica Moviles Chile, Entel PCS, Claro Chile and Nextel Chile with a fifth, VTR expected in early 2012.