OPTA rules that cablecos will not have to open up networks

24 Jun 2011

The Dutch telecoms regulator, the Independent Post and Telecommunications Authority (OPTA), has ruled that domestic cable operators UPC Nederland and Zesko Holding (Ziggo) will not have to open up their networks to rivals, as a result of the rapid pace of development in the market. In a statement OPTA noted that ‘the consumer markets for fixed telephony, internet access and television are developing favourably’. The watchdog went on to say that competition was evident in ‘the strong growth in the bundling of telephony, internet access and television and in the further digitisation of services such as interactive television, HD television and telephone calls using a digital connection (VoIP)’. OPTA considers that ‘as a result of the sustained digitisation and convergence of networks, the barriers to entry by competitors are being lowered and players are developing new services’.