ACS pledges further USD20m for LTE deployment

23 Jun 2011

Alaska Communications Services (ACS), a provider of fixed, wireless, internet and advanced data solutions in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, has announced a further USD20 million investment to provide Long Term Evolution (LTE) services throughout its current coverage footprint. ACS announced it would begin deployment of the 4G LTE network to generate speeds up to ten times faster than current 3G wireless networks in the state. Mike Todd, ACS’s senior vice president of technology services said: ‘For business customers, it means extending your office to your mobile device while on the road. For consumers, it means sharing life’s most precious moments faster and in higher-definition or experiencing gaming like you’ve never experienced it before’. The company intends to fund the investment largely via cash from operations and existing cash reserves, and said it would roll out the LTE network in a phased manner, although it has not revealed details of timescales for a commercial launch.

TeleGeography’s 4G Research Service reports that ACS claims to have the largest 3G network in Alaska with 72% POP coverage with EV-DO Rev A, and has previously pledged USD12 million to provide backhaul infrastructure to support its planned LTE network.

United States, Alaska Communications