BTC submarine cable expansion to benefit Haiti

20 Jun 2011

Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) has revealed plans to raise the capacity of its international submarine fibre-optic cable connecting the Caribbean with the US, in a move aimed at maximising its revenues while also improving connectivity in Haiti, reports The Nassau Guardian. BTC’s CEO Geoff Houston confirmed: ‘We are going to make a significant investment into expanding the capacity of the Miami cable… And we’re looking at investing on expanding the capacity of the Haiti cable. We expect to be able to do both of those this year and that will provide new sources of revenue opportunity for the company.’ The Bahamas Domestic Submarine Network, which was damaged in Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake of 2010, has since had its connectivity to the country restored, but its potential to serve mobile operators with high speed international links has not yet been utilised. Houston said: ‘We would sell capacity to those carriers in Haiti and, similarly, carriers looking to get into Haiti, we would sell them capacity going the other way. So it’s quite a significant opportunity, given that there aren’t many others providing those services into Haiti, so the business is in a unique position to provide those services [and] we are just going to try and leverage that position more.’ Cable and Wireless Communications, which recently purchased 51% of BTC, outlined in its business plan intentions to maximize ‘opportunities of The Bahamas-Haiti cable link tapping into CWC’s global carrier services business.’

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