Finland and Russia agree terms over deployment of 3G 900MHz border services

16 Jun 2011

On the back of a meeting of the Finnish-Russian working group on communications and information technology, Finland’s Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) has announced that the two countries have reached an agreement on the co-ordination of the use of the 900MHz band. As a result of the discussion between the two parties, it will now be possible for 3G networks to be constructed near the border between Finland and Russia, which the MoTC says will ‘improve the availability of high speed data connections in these areas.’ Further, the working group set down that an agreement regarding the 800MHz band will be signed before the World Radiocommunication Conference in 2012.

In addition to spectrum related matters the meeting also saw the revelation that Finnish and Russian telcos were moving forward with discussions over wholesale roaming prices, with it claimed that the maximum roaming prices set in EU countries had been mentioned as a reference value.

The next meeting of the working group is expected to take place in early 2012.