FICORA updates mobile number portability terms

25 May 2011

The Finnish Comms Regulatory Authority (FICORA) has confirmed that, in line with changes made to the country’s Communications Act last year, from today mobile telephony subscribers will be able to switch to another service provider even if they are in the middle of a fixed term subscription agreement. Until the change post-paid mobile customers were only able to port their number once they were no longer locked in to a contract, but under the revised laws those still within an agreement can switch, although they will be required to pay ‘all the fees related to [their] old agreement until the end of the agreement period.’ To clarify the options open to customers thinking of switching, FICORA has provided an online breakdown of porting instructions on its website, which also reiterated that pre-paid services may only be ported if the end user is ‘registered and identified as the subscriber of the service’. Those signed up to anonymous pre-paid tariffs are unable to switch their number to an alternative provider. The regulator claims that the change will increase flexibility for customers and promote competition in the sector.