BT reveals plans to cut fixed to mobile call costs

25 May 2011

British fixed line incumbent BT has announced that it is to make ‘significant’ cuts to the cost of calls made from its landlines to mobile phones. The telco has revealed that, on the back of regulator Ofcom’s March 2011 decision to reduce mobile termination rates, it will pass on the savings to its customers, with the cost of calling a mobile on all of the country’s major networks in the evening falling from GBP0.07 (USD0.11) per minute to GBP0.053 per minute, a 24% reduction, from 28 May 2011. Further, for daytime calls from fixed line to mobile BT has said that it will implement a 13% cut, with the charge falling from GBP0.13 per minute to GBP0.113. The telco meanwhile took a moment to disparage its competition, claiming that BSkyB, TalkTalk and Virgin Media had all not yet passed on the savings to their respective customers, pointing in particular to Virgin’s GBP0.32 per minute daytime charge for calls to mobiles as an example of the higher costs subscribers face with its rivals. Commenting on the matter, John Petter, managing director for consumer business at BT said: ‘Having campaigned for two years to get Ofcom to lower mobile termination rates, I am delighted to pass on the news that calls to mobile phones from a BT landline are to cost a great deal less.’

United Kingdom, BT Group (incl. Openreach), Virgin Media