Internode takes advantage of government scheme to bolster broadband offering

19 May 2011

Alternative Australian broadband provider Internode has announced that it has installed its own DSLAM equipment in Victor Harbor, leveraging new infrastructure that has been deployed in the area as a result of the government’s Regional Backbone Blackspots Programme (RBBP). Wholesale carrier Nextgen Network, which is rolling out the new backbone links under the government scheme, has constructed a fibre link connecting Victor Harbor, Strathalbyn and Goolwa with Mt Barker, where the cable interconnects with a major backhaul communication link between Adelaide and Victoria. Simon Hackett, Internode’s managing director, commented on the development: ‘This new RBBP link unleashes true broadband competition on the south coast … The competitively-priced backhaul service created by the RBBP enables Internode to deliver its best performance and most affordable ADSL2+ plans to the people of Victor Harbor, Strathalbyn and Goolwa.’ Currently Internode is upgrading its link to its existing DSLAM in Mount Barker, while it has said it plans to enable broadband in Strathalbyn and connect up an under-construction DSLAM in Goolwa in the near future. The internet service provider is also understood to be deploying its own DSLAM kit in a number of other RBBP locations nationwide, including Alice Springs, Darwin, Nightcliff and Palmerston.

Meanwhile, with the new equipment up and running in Victor Harbor, Internode claimed that it is now able to offer larger data usage tariffs to customers in the region, while it is also introducing a range of new services in the area, including its IPTV service, ‘fetchtv’. Following the upgrades in the area Internode noted that maximum usage caps of 1TB are now available, up from the previous maximum of 200GB, while maximum downlink speeds have been boosted from 8Mbps to as much as 24Mbps.

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