FT predicts further European consolidation

18 May 2011

A spokesperson for France Telecom (FT) says she expects further consolidation in some European markets in the short term, and greater levels of cooperation among telcos to keep a rein on rising network and spectrum licence costs, Reuters reports. Speaking at the Reuters Global Technology Summit in Paris, FT’s head of mobile services, Anne Bouverot, said that telecom operators must find ways to increase their profitability as at the same time, they forge ahead with high-cost capital expenditure programmes to deploy faster mobile and fibre-optic broadband networks to keep pace with rising demand for smartphones and tablets. Commenting on the forthcoming 4G spectrum auction in the country, Bouverot said the government is hoping to raise ‘very significant’ sums from the tender, despite the global downturn. ‘These are very significant amounts that operators are being asked to spend particularly at a time when we are also expected to invest not only in mobile capacity but also in fibre,’ she said.

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