Telebras picks Intelig, GVT and Embratel for PNBL contract

16 May 2011

Brazil’s state-owned telecoms operator Telebras has announced the results of an auction to pick suppliers of transit and communication links for internet access under the country’s National Broadband Programme (PNBL). In a statement, Telebras revealed that Intelig, GVT and Embratel have each secured two-year contracts to be be responsible for delivering data between the points of presence (POPs) in various Brazilian cities. The contracts, which include twelve lots for a total price of BRL70.8 million (USD43.2 million), saw Embratel winning three lots to provide broadband services in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (worth BRL22.7 million); GVT won the contracts for Brasilia and Fortaleza (worth BRL14.4 million); and Intelig will provide services in Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Fortaleza and Rio de Janeiro (for BRL33.6 million).