LIME secures govt contract for NBN

16 May 2011

Cable & Wireless Jamaica (operating under the brand name LIME) has been retained by the Government of Jamaica to build out a major portion of its island-wide broadband network. The network will increase public internet access significantly, connecting public schools, libraries, post offices and other locations across Jamaica. The five-year contract is valued at nearly USD4 million.

LIME managing director Garry Sinclair said: ‘This project involves two major areas where LIME has been working tirelessly to make a difference – the infusion of information and communication technology in education and the increase of access to ICT to the general population in order to bridge the digital divide within Jamaica and the digital divide between Jamaica and more developed nations. So while all of us at LIME are excited about the commercial side of this project, the real thrill is that we will be part of an initiative that will be a critical catalyst in the development of our country.’

Jamaica, LIME Jamaica