China Telecom and Rostelecom agree to TEA upgrade

13 May 2011

China Telecom and Rostelecom have signed an agreement to upgrade and modify the Transit Europe-Asia (TEA) cable which will include the construction of 10G wavelength resources between Europe and Asia, using the shortest route, in a joint investment of over USD70 million over a two year period. The project includes the upgrade and modernisation of TEA, taking it to 200G with respective capacity on Rostelecom’s and China Telecom’s backbones, which is scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2012. On completion, new types of services will be launched on the TEA network, as both carriers will be able to offer 10G wavelengths between major cities in Europe and Asia. The flexible commercial terms, which include short and long term leasing models as well as IRU contracts of up to ten years, will be introduced to meet the variety of demands from a growing customer base.