Cyprus WiMAX spectrum application deadline mid-June

6 May 2011

Cypriot telecoms regulator the OCECPR has invited applications for the 3.4GHz-3.8GHz wireless spectrum bands, suitable for WiMAX-based broadband internet services, with a deadline of 15 June 2011 for interested parties to come forward. The frequency blocks on offer are: ‘A’ two paired segments, 2×45MHz, in the range 3.41GHz-3.5GHz/3.51GHz-3.6GHz; ‘B’ four paired segments, 2×25MHz, in the range 3.6GHz- 3.8GHz; and ‘C’ 26 paired segments, 2×28MHz, in the 24.5GHz-26.5GHz range. The WiMAX licence tender follows a consultation carried out by the watchdog last year to gauge interest in the frequencies.