Telekom Austria denies Telekom Srbija deal has been sealed

3 May 2011

Telekom Austria has confirmed that it has not submitted a new bid for Telekom Srbija, refuting local media reports that it had negotiated a price for just 30% of the company. ‘Speculation that appeared in certain media that 30% of Telekom Srbija was sold to Telekom Austria for EUR840 million (USD1.24 billion) is absolutely not correct,’ the Serbian government said in a statement reported by Bloomberg. The government was referring to an unattributed report by Belgrade-based broadcaster B92. Belgrade had said it wanted at least EUR1.4 billion for a 51% stake, and was believed to have asked the Austrian telco to up its offer of EUR950 million plus EUR450 million in investment. Telekom Austria has until tomorrow to come up with a new offer. A spokeswoman for the Austrian operator said it had not yet made a new offer.

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