Roshan plans for 3G intro

27 Apr 2011

Afghani telecoms group Telecom Development Company Afghanistan, more commonly known as Roshan, plans to invest up to USD100 million in its home market this year and expects subscriber numbers to grow to 5.75 million as it expands into new areas. Speaking to Reuters, CEO Karim Khoja also said the company is planning to launch 3G services with rollout expected to start in the next six to twelve months. ‘We invest between USD50 to USD100 million annually and we will invest from retained earnings,’ Khoja said. Roshan is 51% owned by the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development, 36.75% by Cable & Wireless Communications and 12.25% by Swedish group TeliaSonera.

Roshan’s subscriber base at the end of March 2011 stood at five million, making it the largest wireless network operator in the country ahead of MTN, Etisalat and AWCC. ‘Our subscribers are growing by an average 150,000 a month and our net active subscriber [base] is expected to grow to 5.50 to 5.75 million by the end of this year,’ said Khoja.

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