Orange Switzerland outlines upgrade plan

20 Apr 2011

Orange Switzerland says that it is modernising its GSM network and getting its 3G mobile network ready for the future. Modernising the entire mobile network will also reduce its electricity consumption by up to 30%. This will take about two years to complete and forms part of an investment programme of more than CHF700 million (USD780 million) for network expansion over a period of five years. ‘Mobile data transfer has increased more than thirtyfold in just three years, while the explosive growth in smartphones and mobile data services continues apace,’ said Gabriel Flichy, Orange Switzerland’s VP of Network & IT. ‘We will be making huge improvements in urban areas with HSPA+, which allows us to offer theoretical connection speeds of up to 42Mbps. And as an advantageous offshoot of the modernisation, we are also introducing EDGE to our GSM network. This will enable users in rural areas without 3G coverage to surf the Orange network more comfortably.’

Switzerland, Salt (Switzerland)