Zain Bahrain upgrades WiMAX network

12 Apr 2011

Zain Bahrain has announced its upgrade to the ‘latest version’ of WiMAX wireless broadband technology across its nationwide fixed-wireless internet access network. According to general manager Mohammed Zainalabedin, the upgrade will enable Zain to ramp up broadband speeds and offer a ‘much wider range of broadband offerings,’ as well as increased reliability. Customers are also promised more innovative voice and data solutions and higher data usage thresholds. As part of its rollout plan, Zain Bahrain will also be replacing end-users’ WiMAX routers to enable access to upgraded WiMAX services. The company, a subsidiary of Kuwait-based Zain Group, launched the WiMAX network as a fixed-wireless complement to its mobile 3G cellular voice and data services in 2007.

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