Glo 1 fibre-optic cable goes live in Ghana

11 Apr 2011

The high capacity submarine fibre-optic cable Glo 1 has gone live in Accra, Ghana, connecting the West African nation to Europe. The 9,800km long subsea cable network is the result of a joint venture between Globacom and Alcatel-Lucent and is set to deliver affordable, high speed internet connectivity to local businesses as well as bridging the digital gap between Ghana and the rest of the world. Commenting on the launch, Globacom chairman Dr Mike Adenuga Jnr said: ‘These are exciting times indeed for Ghana and the rest of Africa, as Glo 1 comes in to offer immense opportunities for businesses across our continent and enable them to compete on an equal footing with their counterparts elsewhere in the world.’ The Glo 1 cable is upgradable to 2.5Tbps and will link to three European countries, namely the UK, Spain and Portugal and 14 African countries, with a dedicated link to the USA.

Ghana, Globacom (Glo Nigeria)