Anatel: 23.5m registered 3G devices in Brazil at end-February

8 Apr 2011

Brazil closed out the month of February with 23.5 million registered 3G mobile devices, up 14.34% on the same time in 2010, according to data published by the regulator Anatel. Further, it said that in terms of overall mobile users, the country was home to more than 207.5 million SIMs at the same date – a cellular penetration rate of 106.9% – thanks to net gains of 2.43 million users in the month. Vivo had a 29.55% share of the mobile market at end-February, equivalent to 61.34 million accesses, down from 29.93% of users a year earlier. Second-placed TIM Brasil ended February with a market share of 25.16% (up from 23.65%), while Telecom Americas (Claro) had 25.47% (25.50%). The country’s fourth largest player Telemar Norte Leste (Oi) saw its share shrink to 19.47% from 20.56% in February 2010.