Telekom Slovenije ordered to unbundle fibre local loop

31 Mar 2011

Slovenian incumbent PSTN operator Telekom Slovenije must give rivals wholesale shared and fully unbundled access to its fibre-optic last-mile network in accordance with a decision issued by the country’s telecoms regulator. The Agency for Post and Electronic Communications (APEK) published the order dated 28 March 2011 which determines that Telekom Slovenije is an operator with significant market power (SMP) in market 4 – Access to (physical) network infrastructure (including shared or fully unbundled access) at a fixed location (inter- market). The watchdog said that the new decision requires unbundling of the fiber optic network – expanding its existing unbundling obligations on copper last-mile infrastructure – and other obligations to ensure the development of competition in the market.

Slovenia, Telekom Slovenije (incl. Mobitel)