ISP Siportal enters wireline market

31 Mar 2011

Sicilian internet service provider (ISP) Siportal has confirmed that it is ready to launch fixed line voice telephony services in Italy. The company, which acquired a national operator licence in 2010, and went on to sign a Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) agreement with BT Italia, is now ready to enter the wireline market with a range of telephony services. The company will offer geographic and non-geographic numbers using its existing VoIP number capacity. Siportal has indicated that it will attempt to establish itself by offering consumers free line activation and transparent billing.

Stephen Greet, commercial director of Siportal, commented: ‘We want to enter the fixed telephony market because we consider it a very attractive commercial sector, and want to meet the specific needs of the users related to the traditional telephony business. It’s a brave decision, but with our experience and expertise in providing highly specialised services, we are confident will be able to provide great satisfaction’.