NTT Group publishes network status update

24 Mar 2011

NTT Group has issued a current network status for its fixed and mobile networks, and details of its disaster service activities in the wake of the recent earthquake/tsunami on 11 March. As a result of its efforts to restore services centred in the Tohoku region, its NTT East unit has successfully restored about 90% of its affected exchange offices, it said. The 93 exchanges yet to be restored include those with physical damage, flooding or disruption of connection to backbone transmission lines in areas severely affected by the earthquake and/or tsunami, and those located in off-limits areas surrounding the malfunctioning nuclear power plant, it said. As an interim measure, NTT East has installed 2,076 special public telephones in 615 locations available for use free of charge to provide people affected by the earthquake and its aftermath with communication means. Meanwhile, the group confirmed that NTT DoCoMo’s mobile network was also severely disrupted in the region, covering approximately 6,720 base stations as of 12 March. Recovery efforts have since reduced this figure to approximately 840 as of 23 March. Full details of the company’s update can be found at: