2Connect disconnected by regulator? Company claims still plugged in

22 Mar 2011

Bahrain’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has announced that it will revoke all licences held by alternative telco 2Connect. The watchdog’s resolution states that ‘all licences of 2Connect shall be revoked within one week of publication of the resolution in the official gazette, which coincides with 27 March.’ A statement from TRA director of information and communications technologies Ahmed Aldoseri, as reported by TradeArabia, added that: ‘As a result of this revocation, all telecommunications services provided to 2Connect’s customers will be permanently disconnected once the deadline stated in the resolution comes to pass, under article (24)(a) of the telecommunications law which prohibits the provision of telecommunications services without a licence.’ The TRA’s resolution also includes the revocation of all radio frequency licences assigned to 2Connect, he said, but gave no reason for the move, although a separate statement said that 2Connect should be made to comply with proper audit procedures. Aldoseri urged all customers of 2Connect to expedite the process of procuring replacement services to ensure no interruptions occur to their telecommunications services, especially for business customers. ‘The TRA is ready to provide any and all assistance necessary to such customers to facilitate transition to a different service provider,’ he added. However, a 2Connect official was quoted as assuring customers that all services were intact, and claimed: ‘the issue is being sorted out at the highest level and an announcement will [be] made in this regard soon.’

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