Cosmoline confirms exit from WiMAX sector

17 Mar 2011

Following the cancellation of its 3.5GHz WiMAX licence by the Greek telecoms authorities, alternative telco Cosmoline has confirmed its withdrawal from the broadband wireless access segment. As quoted by local newspaper Kathimerini, Cosmoline said it made a mistake in ‘overpaying’ for its concession in 2006, which it subsequently failed to utilise. The regulator, the EETT, intends to pursue legal action to recover an outstanding instalment of EUR4.1 million (USD5.7 million) of the licence’s EUR20.5 million asking price. Cosmoline also claimed that the EETT had rejected its previous requests to change its licence conditions to allow the use of other technologies; the company said it considered WiMAX ‘obsolete’.

Greece, Cosmoline