Switched on: Bharti launches IPTV service

15 Mar 2011

Bharti Airtel has announced the launch of its IPTV service, ‘Airtel Broadband TV’, which will offer 28 live TV channels to subscribers via PC, India’s Economic Times reports. ‘This initiative is part of our commitment to offer enhanced broadband experience to our customers. We will soon add more content under news, soap and infotainment categories,’ Bharti Airtel’s chief marketing officer for Telemedia Services Girish Mehta said. Three different tariff options will be available, with prices starting at INR49 (USD1.06) per month for either the ‘Night Pack’, which offers all available channels from 9pm to 9am, or the My Pack, which allows customers to choose any three channels for viewing at any time. The most expensive option, Gold Pack, offers all live TV channels in addition to a number of video-on-demand (VoD) channels for INR99 per month. Bharti Airtel broadband customers will not be required to pay extra for data usage, with Mehta noting: ‘Customers will not have to pay extra for data usage, except for users in Noida and Punjab … We will make sure that quality of service is maintained even in lower bandwidth (speed) plans.’

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