Colba.Net launching Montreal IPTV this year

10 Mar 2011

Colba.Net will launch an IPTV service this year in Montreal, aiming to undercut rivals with a double-play internet and TV package for as low as CAD20 (USD20.60) per month, writes The Wire Report. In October the regulator, the CRTC, approved Colba.Net’s application for a Class 1 broadcasting licence covering around 400,000 homes in the Montreal area. The newcomer’s IPTV service will include high-definition channels as well as unlimited internet access and access to online services like Netflix and Apple TV, the company said in a release. The service will start from CAD20 per month for a twelve-month, paid upfront subscription, in an attempt to take on well-established operators Videotron and Bell Canada in the Quebec market.