MNP set for 1 July

9 Mar 2011

Ghana’s National Communications Authority (NCA) is gearing up for the implementation of mobile number portability (MNP) from 1 July 2011, to give mobile users the option of switching service providers for the first time. It is understood the NCA has completed more than 90% of the necessary technical groundwork needed to facilitate MNP, with its director of regulatory and administration affairs, Joshua Peprah, confirming that ‘all is set for the take off of the MNP on 1 July’.

Mr Peprah went on to say that the regulator has selected a privately owned joint-venture partnership, Porting Access Ghana (PAG), to establish a central database of all ported numbers and also to facilitate porting within 24 hours. It will cost the user around GHC4 (USD2.50) to port his or her number to the new network provider via PAG’s system. It is hoped the introduction of number porting will increase competition and drive down prices as cellcos roll out new offers and ‘freebies’ in a bid to convince customers to stay with them when MNP takes off.