Ofcom calls on ISPs to advertise more realistic speeds

2 Mar 2011

UK telecoms regulator Ofcom is to introduce a new code of practice later this year under which it hopes ISPs will be more realistic in their advertising of broadband speeds. The watchdog has released figures showing that the average advertised speed in the UK is currently 13.8Mbps, whereas the actual average speed being delivered to UK households is only 6.2Mbps. The new code will be introduced in July and ISPs will be expected to accompany any ‘top end’ speed boasts with a typical speeds range (TSR) of at least equal prominence. ‘Very few ADSL broadband customers achieved average actual download speeds close to advertised ‘up to’ speeds. Just 3% of customers on up to 20Mbps or 24Mbps DSL services received average download speeds of over 16Mbps, while 69% received average download speeds of 8Mbps or less,’ revealed Ofcom in a statement.

BT’s new fibre-based Infinity service, which is available to 15% of the population, was found to come closer to matching advertised speed claims, giving average speeds of 31Mbps or 22% less than advertised. Unsurprisingly, cable-based services were found to be the closest to their advertised speeds. Virgin Media’s 50Mbps package typically delivered average speeds of 46Mbps.

United Kingdom, BT Group (incl. Openreach), Virgin Media