Algerie Telecom reconnects 3,700 fixed lines in Oran; broadband offered as an incentive

25 Feb 2011

Algerie Telecom (AT) has resumed service for 3,700 of the 29,833 phone lines that it deactivated in Oran, the country’s second largest city. The fixed line incumbent claims that the reconnected subscribers – who are primarily believed to be corporate customers have agreed to pay off their outstanding debt under the ‘Seheli’ repayment programme, which was launched in October 2010. According to El Moudjahid, AT has recovered around DZD21.5 million (USD291,743) of an estimated DZD367 million in unpaid bills. The telco has confirmed that the Sehelli programme will remain in operation until 1 March 2011. Any customers who make good their debt will be given the option of opening a broadband subscriber account as an incentive.

Algeria, Algerie Telecom (AT)