VIP Mobile 2010 sales up 65% on subscriber gains

24 Feb 2011

Cellco Mobilkom Macedonia (VIP Mobile) reported revenues of EUR35.8 million (USD49.1 million) in 2010, a sharp 65.2% increase on the previous year, thanks to a steady rise in the subscriber base. In the year as a whole, VIP’s mobile base expanded by 45.6% to 442,000 it said, with a significant proportion of those being new post-paid customers. ‘We are really satisfied with the final business results, which prove that 2010 was very good for us and VIP customers. We believe that we will be able to secure excellent results and positive trends over the long run with continuous investments and consistent implementation of our strategic goals,’ said the firm’s CEO Nikola Ljusev.

North Macedonia, A1 Macedonia (formerly Vip)