Paltel close to inaugurating new international traffic link via Jordan?

17 Feb 2011

The fixed line incumbent in the Palestinian Territory, Palestine Telecommunications Company (Paltel), is looking to direct its international traffic via Jordan rather than through Israel as it currently does. Globes Online reports that Paltel will in the next few months connect a fibre-optic cable from Jerusalem to Jordan, which it will then use for the transmission of international traffic. The report cites comments made by Paltel CTO Ali Ibrahim at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, with the executive noting that the connection to Jordan would be through the company laying the connecting cable, while this link will be backed up by a microwave connection, via equipment Paltel acquired from French-US vendor Alcatel-Lucent.

Under existing regulations Paltel is, in fact, required to connect overseas through international carriers from Israel, and at present it buys capacity from three Israeli operators. Nonetheless, Ibrahim insists the cable is being laid with the necessary permits, with the executive stating that he did not foresee any problems in launching operations over the new cable. As well as improving the quality of service, Ibrahim also claims that the new connection via Jordan to one of the international undersea cable networks will bring down the price of broadband services in the Palestinian Territory.

Palestinian Territory, Alcatel-Lucent, Palestine Telecommunications Company (Paltel, incl. Hadara)