RURA takes steps to lower interconnection rates

11 Feb 2011

PricewaterhouseCoopers has been asked to conduct a study of Rwanda’s telecommunications industry and propose new mobile phone interconnection fees, according to a report by Bloomberg, which cities the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA). Regis Gatarayiha, director general of RURA, said the World Bank-financed study will probably be completed in May 2011. CommsUpdate reported in September 2010 that the regulator was working on a plan to lower interconnection fees among telecom operators. At that time Gatarayiha said in an interview that interconnection charges were acting as a bottleneck to the sector’s growth, as they prevented retail prices falling. He said that bringing down the standard charge from the current RWF40 (USD0.067) per minute would compel operators to lower the cost of mobile communications for end-users.