Telco bosses WACS lyrical on cable landing

9 Feb 2011

The West African Cable System (WACS) undersea fibre-optic link has landed in Namibia at Swakopmund, 370km west of the capital Windhoek, reports South African website Techcentral. At a connection ceremony, Telecom Namibia’s managing director, Frans Ndoroma, said that the 14,900km cable linking West Africa and Europe will provide internet bandwidth of at least 5.1Tbps for participating countries, whilst the arrival of Namibia’s first direct connection to global submarine systems is expected to bring down prices for broadband connectivity and internet consumer services. An extension of the cable to Botswana is also planned. Marc Gregan, manager of ISP AfricaOnline Namibia was cautiously enthusiastic, saying: ‘The investors [in the cable] would want some return on their investments, so I expect prices to fall only later, not immediately.’ Telecom Namibia completed the deployment of infrastructure linking its landing station at Swakopmund to its domestic network last year, and it is hoped that commercial services are launched over the cable by August.

Namibia, Telecom Namibia (incl. TN Mobile)