Telcel unveils lower interconnection fee proposals

7 Feb 2011

Mexico’s dominant mobile network operator Telcel has proposed a raft of new, lower fees that its rivals pay for connecting to its network, Reuters is reporting. With a number of operators having long complained to competition authorities about the charges levied by Telcel, arguing that such fees have made it more difficult for them to make a profit, the proposals are in some way a response to such criticism. Published in the country’s Official Gazette at the end of last week, Telcel has noted that the new interconnection fees are offered to all Mexico-based fixed line and mobile voice providers, as well as those in the long-distance sector. Those operators that do accept the new fee structure, it is understood, will be required to adhere to the terms of the new agreement for the next four years. The report also cites an unnamed source from Telcel’s legal department that claimed eight cable companies and five fixed line providers have already agreed to the new interconnection fees. Commenting on the new fees, the source added: ‘We are telling the market: whoever wants to interconnect, here is my network available and these are my legal, technical and economic terms … They are the same for everybody, there is no discrimination or limitation for whoever wants to do it.’

Mexico, Radiomovil Dipsa (Telcel)