ZTE and ChinaTel sign MoU

27 Jan 2011

ZTE has announced the formation of a partnership with ChinaTel to promote broadband access solutions and services worldwide. ZTE and Perusat, ChinaTel’s Peruvian subsidiary, have been deploying a nationwide WiMAX (LTE-Ready) network. Phase one covers the eight most populated Peruvian cities except the capital Lima. Further expansion will cover all other cities, including Lima and Callao; national network deployment is expected to be completed by 2017. ChinaTel has opted to upgrade the base station equipment ZTE is manufacturing for Perusat to take advantage of ZTE’s latest wireless broadband technology, known as 4T8R beam forming. ZTE expects to deliver the equipment to Peru by May 2011 and ChinaTel estimates it will be ready for a commercial launch in August.

‘We are excited about our partnership with ZTE and its ability to fully deliver broadband equipment and end-to-end network solutions,’ said ChinaTel’s CEO George Alvarez. ‘And that helps ChinaTel’s networks to stay ahead of the global competition. ZTE’s advanced technology provides us the flexibility to decide in each city whether to place these first base stations farther apart and increase the footprint of geographic coverage, or to maintain the original array and serve more initial subscribers before reaching the capacity of this equipment. Both options reduce and defer our average capital expense per subscriber, and improve our return on investment.’