NTA reports 10.6m fixed and mobile Nepalese users at end-10

27 Jan 2011

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has published its ‘Management Information System (MIS)’ report for the period ended 14 December 2010, showing that at that date, the country was home to a total of 10.641 million fixed and mobile users. Of the total, fixed telephony connections reached 841,698, broken down as 600,104 PSTN and 241,594 wireless in the local loop (WiLL). State owned Nepal Telecom (NT) had 592,355 PSTN lines and 171,552 WiLL lines in service at that date, while United Telecom Limited boasted 70,042 WiLL users. Other PSTN operators included STM Telecom Sanchar with 5,016 lines in service, Nepal Satellite Telecom (1,634) and Smart with 1,099.

Mobile operators continue to dominate however, accounting for 9.195 million – predominantly GSM (8.325 million) users – at the same date. The remaining 869,675 were hooked up to NT’s Sky Phone CDMA service. In the GSM segment NT counted 4.241 million users at end-2010, followed by Spice Nepal’s Ncell brand with 4.084 million. Furthermore, the NTA noted 602,464 limited mobile service lines and 1,742 global mobile personal communications by satellite (GMPCS) lines.

The country’s internet base topped 1.902 million connections at the end of 2010, a penetration rate of 6.78%. The most popular access platform is GPRS which accounted for 1.664 million lines, followed by 111,478 (CDMA 1x), 54,460 (ADSL), 32,500 (cable modem), 13,000 (wireless or fibre-optic) and 26,525 dial-up.

Nepal, Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA)