A SIM too many?

18 Jan 2011

Bulgaria’s Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) is considering restricting the number of SIM cards a mobile subscriber or a company can own, according to the Sofia Echo. Chairman of the telecoms watchdog, Vesselin Bozhkov, was quoted by the newspaper as saying that an individual should be allowed to have up to three cards (one for each of the mobile networks), while the number of SIM cards per company should be equal to that of their employees. The move follows reports that stolen ID cards are being used by criminals to register SIM cards, with some individuals finding that ‘hundreds’ of registrations have been made in their name without their knowledge. Because the police and the mobile phone companies do not share the same database, even if an ID card is reported as stolen, the document remains valid for SIM card registration.

Since 31 January 2010 Bulgaria has required all pay-as-you-go users to register SIM cards in order to enable authorities to track perpetrators of serious crimes.