Commercial launch of Vodafone TV delayed

14 Jan 2011

Vodafone Germany, a subsidiary of UK-based telecoms group Vodafone, has pushed back the commercial launch of its new TV platform while the service undergoes consumer trials, Rapid TV News reports. In July 2010 Vodafone Germany’s CEO Fritz Joussen said the company would launch the new television service, known as Vodafone TV, by the end of the year. However, Vodafone has opted for an initial low-key launch in order to test the system with different platforms during real-time operations. ‘We have started Vodafone TV on 1 December 2010 with several hundred customers and will slowly transit the system into a regular service,’ Vodafone spokesman Paul Gerlach said, adding: ‘Some customers have high-speed internet, others don’t have it, some have cable, others have DTH satellite.’ CommsUpdate reported that Vodafone stopped marketing its ADSL-based IPTV service to new customers in August 2009 and began preparing a new television offering. Comprising a hybrid technology of cable, satellite and IPTV, Vodafone said the new product will be ‘completely different’ to incumbent operator Deutsche Telekom’s (DT’s) IPTV offering, Entertain. While Gerlach did not disclose when Vodafone TV would enter the mass market, a commercial launch is likely to take place within the next few months.

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