Globe announces ‘multi-pronged’ strategy to expand network capacity this year

5 Jan 2011

Online news journal BusinessWorld reports that Globe Telecom of the Philippines is planning to implement a comprehensive strategy to expand network capacity and improve its overall performance in 2011 to meet growing customer demand for its voice and data services. It is understood the proposed improvements cover all product groups on its portfolio, including post-paid and pre-paid services. Globe’s president and CEO Ernest L Cu is quoted as saying that the firm intends to ‘continue to build on service quality as a key differentiator for Globe’ in 2011. ‘We will implement a proactive approach in meeting the upsurge in voice and data requirements across all customer segments, including the larger enterprises. Optimising our existing assets will help ensure a wider coverage, whether indoors or outdoors. We will also improve power and transmission management to meet our quality objectives in terms of network availability and capacity,’ he said. The operator, which invested USD500 million last year, recently approved a ‘significant amount’ for its network plans this year.

As it stands Globe’s mobile network comprises around 12,000 base stations and over 6,500 cell sites to support its 2G, 3G and WiMAX services. It has more than 25 million mobile subscribers and over one million broadband users. Its WiMAX network alone is one of the largest in Southeast Asia with over 1,500 active sites. Rolled out in 2008, the system was among the first in the world to provide a 2.5GHz mobile WIMAX (802.16e) broadband option. In addition the telco has recently completed a number of major international and domestic transmission projects, including its second fibre-optic backbone network, a high-capacity transmission system that spans over 1,900km covering most areas of Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao.

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