Everything Everywhere to retain Orange, T-Mobile brands for now

30 Dec 2010

Everything Everywhere (EE), the joint venture between British mobile network operators Orange UK and T-Mobile UK, will continue to offer services under both brands, as it aims to lessen the likelihood of losing customers to its rivals, the Financial Times reports. According to the report, Tom Alexander, EE’s chief executive, has downplayed the idea that the T-Mobile moniker could be dropped following a review of the joint business which is due to take place next year. It has been suggested that the JV could ditch one of the two brands – with T-Mobile seen as the more likely candidate – with a view to reducing costs and operational complexities, Mr Alexander said that the combined entity is likely to retain both brands for the foreseeable future, although he noted that a final decision will not be taken until after next year’s review. ‘You’ve got big clubs of customers … if they are really happy at staying with Orange or T-Mobile, and they really identify with those brands, why would you do something really disruptive with those two brands?,’ the executive noted. One expectation is that Orange’s services will increasingly be marketed as EE’s ‘premium’ offerings, while T-Mobile is expected to focus in on offering cheaper tariffs.

United Kingdom, EE, T-Mobile UK