Thailand’s MCOT launches broadband TV

29 Dec 2010

Thai TV broadcaster MCOT has launched broadband TV with a goal of signing up 100,000 viewers by the end of 2011, reports the Bangkok Post. The company and partner Playwork Co, a telecoms systems provider, have co-invested around THB500 million (USD16 million) to add new equipment, content and servers to provide Ving Broadband TV, enabling viewers to watch up to 1,000 channels through a high speed internet connection. According to the companies involved, customers will require a USB dongle, router and set-top box with monthly subscription fees starting from around THB700, with services including interactive applications. A full official launch of the IPTV service is scheduled for February 2011, with MCOT aiming to earn at least THB100 million from Ving TV in the first year of the venture. Previously, MCOT had set a budget of THB500 million for developing new media businesses. However, the budget may be revised upward in 2011. The company also revealed its plan to turn its analogue channel Modern Nine TV into a digital channel starting next year. This project will take two to three years to complete.