LLU broadband speeds faster than Telecom wholesale speeds

21 Dec 2010

In a new report on the standard of broadband speeds in New Zealand, the Commerce Commission has confirmed that transmission speeds are around 20% faster when accessed through local loop unbundled (LLU) services than through Telecom Corp.’s regular wholesale offering. The report, which covers the period between 1 January and 30 June 2010, aims to provide a comparison of the relative performance of internet service providers (ISPs) in the major New Zealand cities. According to the report, ISPs with access to unbundled Telecom New Zealand exchanges are able to offer substantially faster web-browsing speeds than ISPs re-selling broadband services sourced from Telecom’s wholesale arm. In the regulator’s previous report, there was little difference between broadband services bought from Telecom Wholesale and those bought from Chorus via the unbundled local loop.

Internet availability continued to improve and only one unnamed ISP failed to meet the Commission’s monthly availability benchmark of 99.9%. Further, the report suggests that DSL-based transmission speeds tend to be best in Auckland, becoming progressively slower the further away they get from the country’s biggest city. In an accompanying statement, Telecommunications Commissioner Dr. Ross Patterson commented: ‘The report shows a continuing reduction in variability of web browsing speeds over the course of the day. Internet availability is also improving, with downtime reduced. The report also shows the benefits of local loop unbundling which continues to provide greater choice and better services for consumers’.

New Zealand, Spark New Zealand Group