700MHz spectrum to be made available in July

17 Dec 2010

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has released for comment proposed details for the auction of 16 new spectrum licences in the 700MHz band next July. The A and B Block licences are in areas of Texas, North Dakota, Puerto Rico and other small markets. Eight of the available licences are ones that failed to attract bidders at auction in 2008, while the other eight are ones on which the winning bidder defaulted. VentureTel 700 was the winning bidder on seven of the eight licences that are now being re-auctioned. The new auction labeled ‘Auction 92’ by the FCC is set to start on 19 July 2011, and will include anonymous bidding similar to Auction 73 in 2008. There will be two A Block licences on offer of 2×6MHz at 698MHz-704MHz and 728MHz-734MHz and 14 B Block licences of 2×6MHz at 704MHz-710MHz and 734MHz-740MHz. Interested parties have until 12 January 2011 to make any comments on the suggested process to the FCC.

Puerto Rico, United States