That’s Nice! Commercial rollout of mobile contactless services paves way for national deployment

16 Dec 2010

The Association Francaise du Sans Contact Mobile (AFSCM), a non-profit organisation whose mission is to facilitate the technical development of interoperable mobile near field communication (NFC) applications, says the inaugural rollout of mobile contactless services in Nice last May has proved a success, heralding the deployment of such services on a nationwide basis in France. PRNewswire reports that AFSCM drew ‘positive conclusions’ from the Nice tests, adding that surveys demonstrated positive user feedback and ‘a quick and enthusiastic adoption of ‘cityzi-branded’ contactless services and mobile phones’. Going forward, the strength of the technical solution coupled with its compliance with international standards and overall customer satisfaction levels, has convinced mobile operators and NFC providers alike to deploy a nationwide mobile contactless offer in France in 2011. The national rollout will be further strengthened by the launch of a wide range of cityzi handsets next year.