OFTA invites expressions of interest in 2.3GHz band

15 Dec 2010

Hong Kong’s Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) has invited expressions of interest from potential bidders for 90MHz of radio spectrum in the 2.3GHz band (2300MHz–2390MHz) for the provision of broadband wireless access (BWA) services. The spectrum was previously offered in a January 2009 auction, but failed to find any takers. However, having recently received enquiries on the possible release of the leftover frequencies, OFTA is considering whether a new auction for the spectrum should be held. The regulator is inviting interested parties to submit their expressions of interest, including but not limited to the following information: the preferred amount of bandwidth to be acquired; the service(s) to be provided/technologies likely to be used (including fixed/mobile/a combination of both); and the service deployment schedule.

Hong Kong