MoC inks submarine cable deal with 'leading global communications company'

15 Dec 2010

Kuwait’s Ministry of Communications (MoC) has reportedly signed a contract with ‘a leading global communications company’ to install a new undersea cable linking the country to three other Gulf nations. According to a news report in the Kuwait Times, communications minister Mohammad Al-Busairi claimed that the new venture is the first step towards fulfilling His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah’s vision of turning Kuwait into a regional communications hub. Although the identity of the infrastructure provider has yet to be confirmed, the cable will link Kuwait to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain, replacing the existing cable, which was installed in 1995 and went into operation in 1998. It is believed that the new network line will be an STM-252 (OC-768) model, which offers transmission speeds of up to 39.8Gbps – roughly ten times faster than those speeds offered by the current cable.

Al-Busairi commented: ‘We at the Ministry of Communications hope to achieve more than simply keeping up with new technology; in order to do so we have signed this contract with one of the leading specialist communications in the world’. Al-Busairi revealed that the deal includes a three-month shipping and assembly period, along with a two-year maintenance contract. He concluded by saying that this is just the first step that the ministry will be taking in order to provide better communications links between Kuwait, East Asia and Europe.

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