PTS issues invitation for auction in the 800MHz band

14 Dec 2010

The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) has announced that it will assign nationwide mobile licences in the 800MHz band through an auction scheduled to start on 28 February, with a deadline for applications of 31 January 2011. Six technology- and service-neutral licences are on offer (2×5MHz FDD each), suitable for applications including wireless broadband or mobile telephony. The 800MHz band’s propagation characteristics make it suitable for indoor coverage and for covering wide areas, and the PTS is imposing a coverage requirement on one of the licences to help to achieve the government’s national broadband strategy aims. The operator assigned this licence (‘FDD6’) must roll out services to those remaining homes and businesses without broadband coverage; this rollout shall take place at a fixed cost set at the auction (at least SEK150 million [USD22 million] and at most SEK300 million). At least three stakeholders can be assigned frequencies in the band, with a spectrum cap meaning that an individual stakeholder can purchase no more than 2×10MHz of the total 2×30MHz assigned. All concessions will be valid up to 31 December 2035.