Internode revises SHDSL tariffs, improves coverage

14 Dec 2010

Australian alternative broadband provider Internode has extended the coverage area and upped the data quotas for its ‘Extreme SHDSL’ broadband service, while it has also increased the availability of a number of its other symmetrical xDSL services. According to iTWire, Internode’s Extreme SHDSL service, which offers downlink speeds of up to 40Mbps by bonding together multiple copper pairs, is now on offer at more than a dozen new exchanges in the city of Brisbane, while the telco also said that it had been ‘rapidly expanding’ coverage in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. In addition, the operator has unveiled a range of new tariffs for the service which include a 25% reduction in the cost of unlimited usage plans and an up to ten-fold increase in monthly data allowances on the entry level options.

Meanwhile, Internode has announced that its ‘Ultra SHDSL’ service now offers symmetrical speeds of up to 20Mbps in 164 exchange areas, while speeds of up to 10Mbps are available at more than 500 exchanges, and a further 1,500 exchanges support connections at rates of either 2Mbps or 4Mbps.

Australia, Internode