COTEL aims to roll out new fixed wireless network

14 Dec 2010

Co-operativa de Telefonos Automaticos La Paz (COTEL), the incumbent local telephony provider in Bolivia’s former capital La Paz and the country’s largest telecoms co-operative, has announced that it plans to deploy a fixed wireless network during 2011. According to BNamericas, citing COTEL planning manager Delfin Mejia, the operator is currently in talks with Korean firm Seah regarding the project. While no details have been disclosed regarding the financial value of the deployment, it is understood that the new infrastructure will allow COTEL to offer voice and internet services in the cities of La Paz and El Alto, via approximately 40 base stations. Further, the bulk of the development is expected to benefit El Alto, with Mr Mejia noting that in the first phase some 80% of the new network will be used to provide telecoms services in the city, noting: ‘El Alto is a city which has been experiencing very high population growth in recent years.’ According to the executive services over the new network could be launched in the second half of 2011.